What the highschool of textbooks of 2050 will say about this era

Americans need to reclaim the narrative from the left. The left is writing the history books and making up history as they falsely see it. A recent documentary aired on PBS about this years election was very one sided. Its narrators were mainly from the Washington Post and other liberal news outlets.

But imagine something better. Imagine the future, and what it would look like from this day forward.

What will the high school textbooks of 2050 (or whatever we teach people with in 2050) teach after the era of Trump?

Here is an example:

Post WWII US Economy

Chapter 20: The Era of de-industrialization, Unrest, and National decline (1973-2017)

Closed Factories going to Mexico and China

If the 1940s until the 1960s, saw America becoming the most powerful country on Earth, due to massive industrialization, and the birth  of a prosperous middle class , whose size was unheard of in human history, the era on the 1970s until  2017 saw the de-industrialization and weakening of the American nation. Rich elites (Also known as “liberals)”) gained power, who lacked patriotism, and sent factories overseas in search of cheap labor to exploit. American

factories shut down, and wealth, and manufacturing expertise was lost in the country. China, Germany, Japan, and the Middle east were big winners in this period, at the expense of American workers. The 1973 Oil embargo by Muslim nations, showed how too much reliance on foreign oil was dangerous.

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man
Obama era race riots

Japanese companies gained prominence infiltrating American in the Jimmy Carter administration (1977-1981), Mexican economies had their turn in the Clinton administration (1993-2001), and finally the great Chinese attack on the American economy came in full swing during the Bush II administration (2001-2009), and The Obama administration (2009-2017).
The Obama era particularly was the lowest point in American power. The rise of China, began during this time. Civil liberties were also curtailed, and race riots and crime were commonplace under President Obama during this time.

Chapter 21: The era of Trump, and Prosperity (2017-2041)

President Trump leading MAGA movement

The era of National decline was reversed in the Donald Trump (D. Trump) administration, (2017-2025), Mike Pence administration (2025-2033), and the Ivanka Trump (I. Trump) administration (2033-2041). D. Trump founded a movement called, “Make American Great Again” (MAGA) which was based around reclaiming power from the liberals and foreign nations who made America weak. There was great violent struggle by liberal fascists to defeat the MAGA movement, but Trump supporters peacefully resisted through the ballot box, and overcame.  Massive tariffs against foreign companies, combined with stimulus and low taxes allowed great investment to flow in the country, quickly rebuilding industry in the D.Trump administration.  D. Trump also withdrew from entangling alliances which weakened America.

Trump supporter attacked by liberal fascists

The withdrawal of American protection encouraged China to attack Asian nations, and Russia to invade Europe during the Mike Pence administration. Instead of intervening, Mike Pence grew the wealth of America by selling arms to Asia and Europe to resist Chinese and Russian aggression during WWIII (2025-2033). The end of WWIII saw finally saw the end of the carnage, but the devastation of international industry only increased the primacy of the American economy which continues to this day. During the administration of I. Trump, America began colonization and terraforming of Mars, asteroid mining, and setting up space colonies and space stations throughout the galaxy.


Rebirth of US Manufacturing D. Trump era

Chapter 22: Era of Galactic expansion (2041-2050)


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