Russian Hacking story for real ? No. A partisan plot to delegitimize”The Movement”, and is ultimately a self defeating story


There are important elements involving the Russian hacking story. The most important is 1) why is this a story, 2) is the Russian hacking true 3) if it is, so what?

Most importantly the Russian hacking story is being pushed by the media and Democrats because it is an effort to hurt Trump and Republicans.

The media is well known as liberal, and has a strong anti-Trump, and anti-Republican bias. They will push any story which will hurt Trump and Republicans. The Russian story is an effort to turn lemons, created by the Wikileaks revelations into lemonade.

The Media tried to suppress the Wikileaks revelations, by suppressing its findings and inventing a bogey-man: The Russians

The Wikileaks revelations revealed among other things:

Considering this massive evidence of Democrat maleficence against the American public, the media had to scramble to suppress this news. They did this by not giving these points the attention they deserved, with each being major scandals in their own right, but by shooting the messenger. To get around the annoying fact that the Wikileaks revelations were in fact true, the media had to invent a bogey man – the Russians.

Its not just the media pushing this Russian story. Why do some Republicans agree with Democrats? Why are they helping them?

Republicans effort to back this story and lend credence to it is ultimately poorly thought through, and self defeating. It allows the Democrats to try to outflank the Republicans on who is more patriotic, tough, and nationalist, since the Democrats are traditionally seen as the more globalists, unpatriotic, and weak on enemies party.

In addition, many Republicans are establishment never-Trumpers. Its no coincidence that the leading Republicans parroting the Russian hacking story are Lindsey Graham, and John McCain, who both intensely dislike Trump. Trump differs from Republican orthodoxy since he opposes unfettered trade which enriches a few corporations but destroys our manufacturing base. He is also against useless wars, which the never-Trumpers are all for. Trump therefore threatens the establishment Republicans as well as the Democrats although in different ways.  This Russian hacking scandal is a way to beat Trump down, and hang this scandal over him, in order to delegitimize Trump, and by association, delegitimize his Movement on trade, and against useless foreign intervention.

Why do Intelligence and Military agree with this assessment?

  • Political reasons. The heads of the intelligence agencies are Obama appointees. They are directed by Obama to go after Trump. The intelligence chiefs don’t arm Syrian “rebels” on their own, and they don’t commission Russian hacking reports that “leak” to the media on their own. In addition, many also share Obama, and Democrats worldview, otherwise, they would have not been picked to their position. These are not conservatives. They also view this as a good political opportunity to discredit Trump.
  • Institutional Anti-Russian bias. The intelligence agency has for many years faced off against the Russians in countless areas, such as in Crimea and Syria. They are used facing off against them. They have lacked the strategic vision that Trump is trying to achieve. Just as Nixon went to China in order to outflank the Soviet Union, Trump is turning to Russia to outflank China and help defeat ISIS. Just as there were many military hawks at the time who were aghast when Nixon went to China, who we had previously fought directly against in the Korean war, and who supplied North Vietnam, there are many intelligence officials who cannot grasp what Trump is trying to achieve.

But isn’t the Russian hacking true like intelligence says. No, that has still not been proven.

The evidence presented so far has been circumstantial. Evidence presented so far have been”Only a well funded state actor could have pulled off a hack like this”, and intercepts detected “celebrations” from Russian officials. “Putin personally directed this operation”.

These are not evidence. No smoking gun has been found at all. Even one source listed by the US as one of the hackers involved, has called out and flatly denied it, stating “I don’t work with douchbags (Russian Intelligence)”. The notion that they knew that Putin personally directed this is circumstantial. He has layers of officials between himself and any actual decision making. If they knew what Putin actually orders, then the US intelligence must have the greatest intelligence asset in the world – a direct mole in Putin’s inner circle. Which by now, must surely be compromised, in order to reveal that Putin ordered hacking into Hillary’s emails. However, there is no such mole, and US intelligence

Also, we should know that intelligence has been proven wrong before, such as the intelligence leading up to the Iraq war. It is now known that the Bush administration, pushed intelligence officials to reach the conclusion, they wanted, and not one based on facts, that Iraq still retained weapons of mass destruction, even though the evidence was circumstantial. Sound familiar? This proves that intelligence can be manipulated for political reasons.

But, assuming Russians did hack, why did they do it? Because they can, and not only them, China, Iran, and even our allies are hacking us. And we are hacking them.

Everyone hacks everyone. Far worse hacks have occurred against the US. But the email of the DNC, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hacked, (not even the US government), and only now is the media and the Obama administration taking hacking seriously.

Instead of being some some large plot convoluted plot to favor Trump, if the Russian hacking story is true, it was just part of normal hacking operations they are conducting all the time. The Russians have routinely tried and succeeded in hacking the Pentagon. They have stolen critical military technology from the US. However not only Russia has stolen from the US government, but China, has been a massive hacker into US government. Probably the worse hack ever involved the Chinese. It scope and consequence was stunning, but was played down by the media. The Chinese were able to hack into the Office of Personnel Management and obtain the records of all past and present federal workers including social security numbers and information from security clearance checks. They could potentially use it to blackmail past and present federal workers into doing their bidding. What did we do in retaliation for this massive breach? Not a damn thing.

Iran is hacking us as well. They were able to hack into the US power grid, and they were also able to hack into a US drone flying near Iran and have it land in Iran.

Our allies also hack us into us. France is considered one of the world leaders of industrial espionage, and have targeted the US in order to stay competitive. The Germans also spy on the US. 

However, we also hack into other countries. In fact, we may be bigger hackers than all of them combined. Edward Snowden revealed we hack the backbones of China’s networks. We hacked Angela Merkel’s phone. We hacked into Iran’s Nuclear system, which did actual physical damage to it. We ourselves conduced industrial espionage on France.

The Russian hacking, if true, it was probably normal intelligence gathering on important people, and did not have any purpose with electing Trump.

As we noted earlier, hacking is everywhere. If the Russians did hack the DNC, it was not because it was part of an elaborate plot, but part of normal, continuous hacking operations. They are probably trying to hack the Pentagon at this moment, or hacking Obama’s emails, just as we are busily trying to hack into Russia’s system.The DNC was probably just low hanging fruit they found. John Podesta, Hillary’s chief of staff, fell for a simple phishing technique. An email apparently told him to click on a link, which brought him into the hacker’s website, and he was given prompts to hand over his password. This is amateurish stuff. The RNC was more tightly controlled, and not prone to such amateurish mistakes.

The goal of Russian hacking, if true, could in no way be seen as an attempt to get Donald Trump elected. Why? The Russians didn’t think Trump would win.

Russia’s goal, was probably just to dig up some dirt on Hillary, and to discredit her, and her new administration. The idea of a Trump win, would have been in the realm of fantasy-land possibilities.

If Russia seriously predicted a Trump victory, they should start a consulting business in the US, because 95% of America’s election pundits, pollsters, media,  and political scientists wrongly predicted a Clinton win. Smart Russian intelligence, analyzing the US media, and polls, would have concluded a 70% to 98% chance of a Hillary victory, and a Trump defeat.Russian media before the election, did not predict a Trump victory, but was preparing the Russian public on how the media, big corporations, and others were rigging the US system in favor of Hillary and against Trump, and how Trump had no chance of winning, and that US Democracy was not real. After the election, the narrative the Russian media had to acknowledge, was that working people turned out by the millions to elect Trump, and defied the pro-Hillary media. This was actually inspirational for Russians, and showed them that Democracy worked. That is it was possible in a Democracy for ordinary people to overturn a rigged system.Trump’s victory then, probably helped the idea of Democracy in Russia.

Furthermore, the media, Hillary, and democrats themselves wanted Trump to be the Republican candidate

The Hillary campaign, and the media thought Trump would be the candidate with the worst chance in the general election, and would surely lose against Hillary. This was their so called pied piper strategy. 

But isn’t the Russian hacking story show what Russia did was a threat to Democracy? The answer is No. Quite the opposite, even if true.

If the Russians hacked into the computer ballot system, and changed vote tallies, that would be grounds for war. Full stop. However, that’s not what happened. What happened was that more information was released about a candidate, Hillary Clinton, that was bad news for her, showing corruption, and unethical and illegal activity, but more importantly were true. This cannot only but help voters. If the new buzzword of the year was fake news, the revelations from Hillary’s emails are the only thing that can be considered true. More information from voters can only be a good thing.

An analogy would be if a highschool football team with a bigtime program was selecting between two coaches. A rival team with a bigtime program feared one coach would be better than the other, and sought to influence their rival’s selection, by hacking into the computer of the leading coaching candidate and finding out he was a pedophile and has a stash of child porn, and then leaking it into the media. In this, case, even though the rival team, leaked the info for selfish reasons, it has the effect of helping the other team, since it would be far worse if a pedophile became the coach.

Similarly, the Russians, if they did the hack, should get a Pulitzer prize for uncovering Clinton corruption, and saving us from that.

Assuming the Russian hacking did have an effect on the election, it was nothing compared to the unethical collusion by the media with Democrats in order to stop Trump.

The job of the US media is to inform the public, and to give them the right information to make appropriate decisions. This job is vital for a Democracy. It is also vital for Democracy, that the media people consume should be seen as fair minded What the US media did in trying so hard to elect Hillary Clinton, by ignoring and minimizing her faults, and playing up Trump’s faults, was a clear case of bias and was a bigger threat to democracy than what the Russians supposedly did. Because it undermines the faith in  the media (which already was at historic lows). However, the difference is even bigger, since the Russians actually used the Truth, which was the Wikileaks revelations, while the media was using dishonesty and lies.This was the real threat to Democracy, and it came from the liberal media, not Russia.

If anything, if there were no media bias, or Russian hacking, Trump might have won the popular vote, and win by Reagan landslide proportions.


It is not in the US’s best interest that this story is pushed. Here is why.

We have seen that the media has been pushing a shaky story, built on circumstantial evidence, that the Russians influenced the US election by hacking. We have cast doubt if the Russian hacking was true, and even if true, that it wasn’t the game changer the media makes it to be. But there are more reasons, not to even dwell on or emphasize the Russian hacking: It actually increases Russia’s power, and makes America look weak, which has real consequences.

Russian hacking story makes Russia seem more powerful.

If the Russians can be seen as the kingmakers on US elections, then other countries will turn to Russia, and not the US. The US, then, would be seen as Russia’s puppet. The US is far stronger than Russia, but the media will make it seem to the world that Russia dictates to the US. Is this what the never Trump Republicans, the media, and democrats want? California by itself has a bigger economy than Russia. Germany by itself has an economy over a trillion dollars per year more in GDP than Russia, so Germany could potentially be more than a match for Russia just by itself. Why make Russia seem more powerful than it actually is?

Russian hacking story weakens the US, and makes it seem like a banana republic.

If the US can be so easily manipulated, then it is not really a strong country, but a paper tiger. The true strength of the US, is its democracy. Millions of people defied the liberal and corporate media that thought the election was a mere formality in the coronation of Hillary for President. But the millions of people showed the strength of American democracy, and voted for Trump, even though Hillary and her big money backers outspent Trump 2-1. However, If the media gives power to the lie that a foreign power could so easily influence our election, it makes the US seem weak. Just as we overthrew small countries like Haiti and Honduras, to fit our policy, the media makes it seem Russia can do the same, it makes us look weak. Is this what the never Trump Republicans, the media, and democrats want?

If Russia gains more influence because it can seem to alter US elections at will, and the US weak because it is unable to stop it, this has concrete negative consequences for the US.

This undermines NATO more than anything Trump says. Because countries want to ally with the strong not the weak. Trump says he won’t come to a NATO members aid, who does not pay their fair share into collective security (defined by NATO as paying at least 2% of GDP on military, a modest sum which most NATO countries do not meet). However, the outcome of this will not be for allies to abandon NATO, but for NATO members to step up their spending. What will really cause NATO members to abandon NATO, is if the USA is perceived to be weak , which it will be, if the idea that an all powerful Russian hacking agency can so easily influence the most influential election in the world, the US presidential election.

Pushing the Russian hacking story is Unpatriotic. It puts partisan politics over the needs of the nation.

We have seen that dwelling and emphasizing the Russian hacking story, even if it was true, actually hurts America by making it seem weak, and making Russia seem strong. So why does the media, democrats, and some republicans push it? They are pushing their partisan ambitions above their country. Surely they must know this story weakens America against Russia, but by the kamikaze attitude against US national security interests in favor of advancing their own petty agendas, the media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans have shown they are unpatriotic.


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